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LingoDiction is a Smart Communication Builder that lets Traveles, Businesses and Language Enthusiasts learn new languages with incredible ease.
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    One Stop Language Destination

    LingoDiction is the paramount of all the language apps, with some real useful features that can make your sojourns as easy as they can get. In an alien land, where initiating a conversation can be a challenge, LingoDiction is the perfect saviour providing you with a slew of basic phrases and words in other languages making your expedition a lot easier than you might have thought. So, all you travelers, language enthusiasts and businesses, this is your black box!

    Language Package

    Imagine, how wonderful it would be, if you could have all the access to the common words and phrases that you might need during your trip, be it shopping, dining out, or simply bargaining on a fare? Well, all this is possible now with LingoDiction’s travel friendly feature that lets you create your customised categories under a package making all the travel related worries a cinch. Now, shop, ride, eat and enjoy your trip with advantage LingoDiction!


    Matchstix is a swift mode specifically designed for language enthusiasts who are simply passionate about exploring a word in different languages of a region, all at once, saving time and energy from flipping through other resources just to zero in on the desired word translation.


    Compile your choicest words and make your categories that you think would be indispensable for making your sojourn a hassle-free affair. Business travelers would find it incredibly useful to have a compilation of words that will help them fare better in new markets.


    Language enthusiasts looking out for easier ways to learn languages will find Potpourri incredibly useful. In this mode, one can have an assortment of any category of choice in all the languages of a given package. If you select “Travel”, for instance, in the Asian Top Languages package, you will see a screen with Travel words in all the languages of the package.

    Makes Communication Easy

    LingoDiction makes Communication with earthlings so easy that even Alien can do it.
    LingoDiction AppRocks
    LingoDiction AppHow To
    LingoDiction AppCoverage
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